Spring 2024|volume 17|Issue 3

    From the Publisher

    Ah, spring in Pittsburgh! It’s always very welcome, even after a mild winter. The butterflies are fluttering, the tulips are blooming, the potholes are opening, and the citizens are back in their Bermuda shorts.

    It’s also time for an overview of our latest publishing effort.

    Always wanted a table lamp fashioned from a clarinet or guitar, or a floor-model vintage radio with Bluetooth? Check out Hilary Daninhirsch’s article on Rosie’s Workshop in Lawrenceville. The place is, as they say, chockfull of stuff you never knew you wanted.

    Father Nicholas S. Vaskov, pastor of Saint Stanislaus Kostka Church in the heart of the Strip, brings us up-to-date on the fundraising effort underway (and the progress made) in restoring the beautiful stained-glass windows that have graced the church since 1892.

    Editor Greg Suriano takes us on another delicious food trip in the city’s suburbs, this time spotlighting distinctive individual dishes and baked goods that are sure to draw curious foodies to these various locations.

    Denise Artman has found Aura Sauna Studio, an entirely new and different kind of business that has recently arrived on Smallman Street. “We’re doing very well in the short time we’ve been open,” says Laura Early, Aura’s owner with her mother, Bonita Juliette.

    Moving on from new to old, writer Cynthia Weisfield and Asian Influences owner Susan Fisher discuss the newfound appeal of antique Chinese furniture and the reasons for its popularity. The cultural emphasis continues with sculptor Dino Deluliis featured in “The Artist.”

    And with a blending of the old and the new, Christopher Cussat introduces the NIKO Contracting Company, a venerable Strip District business with a national reputation for bringing new life to a variety of structures throughout the country.

    Needless to say, your comments are always welcome.


    “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’” —Robin Williams