Our publisher’s words of introduction in the first issue of The Strip!

    From Native American village to industrial complex, from produce yards to the neighborhood it is today, the Strip District has evolved through the years into Pittsburgh’s pre-eminent destination. Now, as in the past, the entrepreneurs of the Strip and their employees continue to present the best of the Strip for us all to enjoy. There’s no doubt­­—the Strip is better than ever.

    Today, the Strip District is a vibrant, festive place where mundane and exotic goods and services abound. Whatever you seek, you’ll find it here—fine food, furniture, baked goods, antiques, jewelry, flowers, books, and pizza. No wonder that the Strip has become the place to visit for Pittsburgh’s growing tourist trade and for area residents.

    This new magazine intends to convey the character and essence of the area by introducing you to the people who invest, work, and live in this extraordinary neighborhood. Regular visitors will recognize the places, faces, and names we present. If you haven’t visited the Strip, let us entice you to spend a day. We know that once you visit, you’ll be back. We want to see you again.

    I am indebted to the many fine individuals who are leading the parade to make this first issue of The Strip! a reality.

    We arrived on the scene virtually unannounced with an idea and asked members of the business community to pause their busy schedules for interviews, to pose for pictures, and to invest their advertising dollars with us. As you’ll see, they followed through. Just as important, they supported and encouraged us along the way. This magazine embodies the spirit of those who are making the Strip the resounding success it is today.


    My heartfelt thanks to all.

    Publisher, Chuck Shane

    Our Loyal Advertisers

    Some of our most loyal advertisers have been with the The Strip! since the beginning, and in their honor we have reproduced, in this section, their original ads from our inaugural Summer 2007 issue.
    Advertisers from Premiere Issue

    Messages of Congratulations

    Dear Chuck,

    I have great respect in noting The Strip!’s 15th year of publication. To me, a born-and-bred Pittsburgher at heart, your fine magazine has always taken the high road in presenting worthwhile subjects to learn from and appreciate. 

    The Strip! has always offered interesting features that have peaked my curiosity about the physical range of your magazine’s interests. As a writer and contributor, I have been pleased with how my copy has been treated in your magazine. I wish you continued success.


    Donald Miller

    Art Critic Emeritus, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Naples, Florida

    Congratulations to The Strip! for 15 years of wonder. There is always a special article one likes, whether it be food, art, even history. Please, keep on bringing us these delights.    


    Kathleen Zimbicki 

    Mr. Shane,

    A perfect time to drop you a line.

    Congratulations on your 15th year with The Strip! magazine … especially in the digital world we now live in.

    I commend you on the style and content of the interviews you conduct. As The Strip! continues to grow, you have more than kept up with the pace. I really enjoy receiving the magazine. 

    Looking forward to your 25th anniversary.



    Edward Suhyda

    Dear Chuck,

    Yasher koach! Hmm? You’re puzzled? It’s a wonderful Jewish expression that’s splendidly defined in an article on the dummies.com website. In the article, “Speaking of Favorite Hebrew Expressions,” Jill Suzanne Jacobs tells us that this term loosely translates as “good for you,” “way to go,” or “more power to you.”

    So again, yasher koach for the 15 wonderful years of service you have dedicated to our community, and in particular to the Strip District, by publishing your top-notch magazine, The Strip!—which has religiously (pun intended) kept us up-to-date with stories of the people, businesses, and general comings-and-goings in that delightful Pittsburgh neighborhood and shopping district.

    I can’t tell you how honored I feel—and with a big thanks—that you’ve designated me as one of your most loyal readers. It has been a pleasure to know you and to read your publication. I hope you continue bringing these stories to us for many years to come.



    Rabbi Stanley J. Savage

    Beth Hamerdrash Hagodol-Beth Jacob
    Congregation (the oldest Orthodox congregation in Pittsburgh)

    All pioneering ideas need help, especially a few years after liftoff.

    This happened to us in the Strip just after Chuck Shane gave birth to The Strip! magazine. My wife Susan and I own the historic—and magnificent if you don’t mind me saying—No. 7 Engine Co., the first historically restored building in The Strip, on Penn Avenue. After our ad agency outgrew the firehouse, we moved to the Crane Building, and we had an empty building on our hands, with a parking lot on either side. 

    Our organic-driven daughter, Katie, who was the Grower at Phipps, had an idea. Why not have an organic farmer’s market in our parking lot? And so the first organic market opened in Pittsburgh. We named it Farmers@Firehouse. 

    Like a good neighbor always there to help, Chuck and The Strip! magazine came along and did a feature on F@F, which boosted our momentum and helped bring in new customers. It was fine writing and a great profile that helped us, and we stayed in business for several more years. It was a great run, and running alongside us, cheering us on, was The Strip! magazine.  

     So thank you, Chuck, for what you do for us all in the Strip. Here’s hoping you grow even faster than this dynamic neighborhood. You have earned it.


    Ray and Susan Werner

    Owners, No. 7 Engine Company

    Always enjoy receiving this gem in my mailbox. The interesting and informative topics you cover never disappoint. Congratulations on 15 years.


    G. Saul

    Chuck, it’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since we were sitting in Houlihan’s having a cocktail, “brainstorming” your venture, and writing thoughts on napkins. At that time, the magazine was just a twinkle in your eye … the rest is now history! Congratulations and kudos on your anniversary! I’m so very happy to have been a part of your success story!


    Your Friend,

    Rusty Olmes

    Congratulations to publisher Chuck Shane for 15 years of The Strip! magazine, a wonderful source of information on all things Strip/Lawrenceville related—for readers near and far. Chuck had an idea those years ago for a magazine about the Strip District, and it certainly worked! A familiar face in the Strip, Chuck is an active, dedicated publisher frequently meeting with restaurant and business owners to keep readers up to date on happenings in these neighborhoods. Thank you, Chuck, for the opportunity to contribute to this magazine.


    Denise Artman

    Congratulations on your 15th anniversary issue of The Strip! The Duquesne Incline is a Visit Pittsburgh Welcome Center and The Strip! magazine is a welcome asset to our brochure rack. Visitors are always asking where locals go to eat, drink, and be merry. Well, every neighborhood has its niche, but the Strip District has it all, as well as that carnival atmosphere that adds to the experience. Your magazine answers all the questions about parking, dining, specialty shops, and things to do. The included simple map is the perfect tool for an out-of-towner and it frees up our time to help other visitors locate attractions in other parts of the city. I personally enjoy your articles about neighborhood businesses and their owners. I also enjoy the experiences shared by the folks who frequent the Strip District. 

    The Strip keeps evolving, but it always stays the same—an enviable enigma! Looking forward to future issues of The Strip!


    Tom Reinheimer

    Office Manager, Duquesne Incline

    Getting a gig writing is not easy. Getting a gig five minutes after the publisher read an article I wrote comes under the rubric of love-at-first-sight. Having the gig last 14 years of delightful assignments about the most original neighborhood in Pittsburgh is a rarity that I have treasured. So to The Strip! magazine, salut! Here’s to you! Long may you entertain us.


    Cynthia Weisfield

    As I unlatched the mailbox a few mornings ago, the welcome fragrance of printer’s ink tipped me off: The latest issue of The Strip! was here. For a decade and a half, Chuck Shane has managed to publish a magazine that not only is engaging to look at and read, but somehow smells good, too. Your senses will tell you that he understands his audience and his advertisers … and that, across some of Pittsburgh’s liveliest environs, he connects those folks by offering unpretentious, intelligent, and reliable content. Keep it up, Mr. Shane.


    George Heidekat

    The dealers at Mahla & Co. Antiques congratulate Chuck Shane and The Strip! magazine for 15 awesome years of bringing the Strip and its eclectic environment to the people of Pittsburgh! Here’s to many more years of outstanding publishing!


    Sue Cosgrove 

    Owner, Mahla & Co. Antiques