Spring 2022|volume 15|Issue 3

    The Artist: Frank Harris

    Artist, Frank Harris

    Artist, Frank Harris

    “Eat, drink, and be happy … and draw some stuff!” says Frank Harris, who has been drawing lots of stuff since he was a kid growing up in Youngstown, Ohio. He also paints some stuff. Frank attended the prestigious Fine Arts program at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in painting, and has exhibited his work in galleries and museums. Frank’s illustrations have graced the pages of Vanity Fair, Harvard Magazine, Major League Baseball, and our very own Pittsburgh Magazine. Adding to this repertoire, his cartoons are featured quarterly in The Strip! magazine, showing Frank’s witty humorous side and his flair for the absurd. “The most valuable thing anyone has is time,” reflects Frank. “Spend time with the people you love most and doing the things you love most. And help others any time and any way you can. It makes you feel good.” You can see more of Frank’s paintings and prints at frank-harris.pixels.com.