Spring 2022|volume 15|Issue 3

    Steel City Real Estate

    The Best Show in Town

    Darla K. Jobkar

    Darla K. Jobkar

    Curbside cafes pulsate with the beats of a live jazz band; athletes training for a marathon breeze down the Strip District corridors on a daily, evening run; cars form a steady rivulet of traffic while they wait to enter parking spots on Smallman and Penn; and as the sun sets, people gather on their terraces and rooftop decks overlooking the city/river while a drummer syncopates the night with a heartbeat that beckons a new spring. This isn’t New York, Chicago, or New Orleans—it’s the Strip District Pittsburgh, and what’s happening right under our noses is a transformation no one would have predicted a decade ago.

    New construction and re-sales in the Strip are booming; and it’s no wonder, since residents there boast about the neighborhood’s advantages and unprecedented reputation as a “luxury” community. So, what are some reasons savvy buyers are finally making the switch to living in the Strip?

    Convenience. It’s no secret—commuting on any of the major highways leading to the Strip can be downright miserable during construction, inclement weather, or on game days. Professionals living in the Strip have no commute and spend their time gathering for cocktails, dinner, and theater shows.

    Prestige. Living in the Strip isn’t about cutting costs (except on the fuel saved by walking or biking); rather, it’s about purchasing a new lifestyle. There’s an air of sophistication and prestige associated with urban living in the Strip District Pittsburgh. A Strip pied-à-terre is an investment, but it’s also an image upgrade.

    Price. Those who bought yesterday are going to benefit big time tomorrow. Sale prices have been rising consistently year by year, and some condos that previously sold in the $250k arena are slated to sell between $400k and $500k, with many more in the $1 million plus bracket. Doubling on your investment? That would be a no-brainer for people looking to make a pretty penny on a neighborhood that has begun to practically sell itself to potential owners.

    So, while you schlep your way back to your car on a brutally cold February evening or some beastly hot August afternoon, take a good look around at the people sitting in the air-conditioned windows of their custom condos sipping mojitos. A look will say it all, and what they’re saying is something you may have heard before: It’s not just a home but a lifestyle!

    Darla K. Jobkar is a full-time, top-producing realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. She has been serving the Greater Pittsburgh area for the past 27 years, and she is a Pittsburgh native and a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. Darla holds the following real estate designations: Certified Residential Specialist, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, and graduate of the Realtor’s Institute. For more information about the Darla K. Jobkar Real Estate Team, visit her website at DarlaSellsRealEstate.com or the Berkshire website, ThePreferredRealty.com. And follow Darla at facebook.com/StripDistrictPgh and twitter.com/darlajobkar.