Winter 2019-20|volume 13|Issue 2

    Raise Your Spirits

    This holiday season I have opted not to offer up any cocktail recipes or spirits-related holiday tales. Instead, I’d like to begin a new tradition of celebrating the power of language in bringing some of our best memories and experiences to life. How? Through a platform called “Spirits Lyrics.”  The holidays are time for sharing. So let’s begin giving the gift of our own lived experiences and perspectives to bring insight and authenticity to our lives. So here is my gift to you all for this year.

    A Pour For The Ages

    The place offered your standard fare
    Fine spirits, good food, and plain glassware
    The convergence of aromas engaged all the senses
    And in places like these, folks lower their defenses
    Conversations, reunions, and just time to oneself
    Allow some concerns to be placed on the shelf
    Not to escape or avoid life’s truths
    But to emphasize the positive; share conversations in a booth
    And so it is that a scan of the room from afar
    Would not have detected the occurrence at the bar
    Juniper and anise aromas lingered clean and crisp
    The bubbliness of the tonic was just a wisp
    The simplicity of this drink was appropriate for this day
    No presumptive flair or cool things to say
    Only the conversation of two people who listened and cared
    About each other’s lives and how the day fared
    Who took time with each sip to appreciate the flavors
    Each topic was engaging, each one they savored
    This would not be the only night out these two had ever had
    However, it was a pour for the ages, and the first drink with my Dad.

    I hope you enjoyed this holiday gift of language. So many of us have had times of great joy, great sadness, and all points in between, over a fine (or not so fine) spirit. I am inviting you to join me in expressing—through poetry or prose—your memories, passions, and/or experiences relating to distilled spirits. Go to the StillLife Facebook page and share your own lyrics (no off color or naughty limericks please!). Share your memories, perspectives, dreams (and drams), and enjoy your time with friends and family this holiday season and all year long.

    Max Miller is the president and chief tasting officer of Raise Your Spirits ( A former corporate attorney turned entrepreneur and college professor, Max has a hearty thirst for knowledge and for fine spirits. He is well versed in the differentiation of the complex flavors found in craft and luxury spirits and he enjoys reading about the history of the brands, the science behind production, and the often whimsical anecdotes that are unique to each spirit. His vision is simple: Make every experience memorable, exceptional, and uniquely yours. Max’s new company is TheStillLife ( Enjoy regular tastings and also spread the word to those who may want to join; memberships available via the website.