Summer 2017|volume 10|Issue 4

    Pittsburgh Poetry

    Shakespeare at Eat’n Park

    he stands apart from the usual

    with his tights, laced doublet

    velvet cap with a feather

    ribbon wrapped love lock

    rosettes on the insteps


    the rapier on his belt

    clangs as he moves

    back to his seat

    with a plate piled high

    from the salad bar


    he takes the long route

    up and down the aisles

    spouting sonnets

    hurling haikus

    launching limericks

    borrowing from giants

    T.S. Eliot to Run DMC


    he pauses

    to give some ladies

    a personal recital

    grazing their cheeks

    with a rose pulled from his belt

    they smile and giggle

    as they tickle his goatee


    he arrives at his table

    stands on top

    adjusts the track lighting

    points his rapier at the ceiling

    holds high the pile of lettuce

    and quotes his favorite

    poets of Pittsburgh


    the waitress notices

    my amused expression

    “He’s here after every

    Steelers or Pirates game”