Spring 2019|volume 12|Issue 3

    Out & About

    Spotlighting some of our neighborhoods’ outstanding art.

    57th street

    57th Street, Lawrenceville

    Vintage Lighter

    Vintage Cigar Lighter
    Used in the early 1900s in saloons, restaurants, and other places. Made famous by such movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life. $2,500.

    Xcentrics Gallery
    801 Seabreeze Blvd. / Ft. Lauderdale, FL / 954-523-5237

    Mulberry Street

    Mulberry Street, the Strip

    4326 Butler Street

    Kickback Pinball Café
    4326 Butler Street / Lawrenceville

    2623 Penn Avenue

    2623 Penn Avenue, the Strip

    3525 Butler Street

    Allison McGeary Florist
    3525 Butler Street / Lawrenceville

    3600 Butler Street

    3600 Butler Street, Lawrenceville

    Nied's Hotel

    Nied’s Hotel
    5438 Butler Street / Lawrenceville

    Willow Street

    Willow Street, Lawrenceville