Spring 18|volume 11|Issue 3

    Out & About

    Places to go, places to buy unique gifts.

    Schorin Company

    Paper and party supplies.

    Schorin Company
    1800 Penn Ave. / 412-281-0650

    Asian Influences

    Pair of Japanese painted porcelain lamps with gold detailing.

    Asian Influences
    3513 Butler St. / 412-621-3530

    Allegheny Coffee

    Drink Coffee

    Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange
    2005 Penn Ave. / 866-569-5865

    Penn Mac's Meal Kits

    Meal Kits!

    We do the shopping and shipping, you cook a delicious meal. Visit our website and select from our extensive menu of Italian specialties.

    Penn Mac
    2010-2012 Penn Ave. / 412-471-8330

    A Very Special Birthday Cake

    A Very Special Birthday Cake

    Bella Christie & Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique
    3511 Butler St. / 412-772-1283

    The Bath House

    Bath House commemorative plaque

    Crystals menu

    Mangia’s Pasta Mondays

    Crystal on Penn
    1211 Penn Ave. / 412-434-0480

    Paul Michael Design

    Pen’s Watch

    Licensed Penguins watch with a little extra bling! $129.

    Paul Michael Design
    3453 Butler St. / 412-486-2016