Fall 2017|volume 11|Issue 1

    Out & About

    Paul Michael Design

    Creating fine jewelry, one custom piece at a time.

    Paul Michael Design, 3453 Butler St., 412-486-2016,

    Wall Art

    4113 Butler Street.

    Fruit Auction & Sales Building

    Sign from the past on Smallman Street.

    Typewriter from Zerrer's Antiques

    “What is that, many young people ask when they visit my shop,” says Frank Zerrer.

    Zerrer’s Antiques, 2703 Penn Ave., 724-554-3468,

    Braddock's death

    Detail of outdoor mural, Senator John Heinz History Center.

    Archaic Jade dragon

    Archaic Jade Dragon

    Asian Influences, 3513 Butler St., 412-621-3530,


    Another of Lawrenceville’s many murals.

    Ivy covered building

    Nature unhindered—Butler Street.
    Riverside Landing, well on its way.

    Riverside Landing under construction