Summer 2017|volume 10|Issue 4

    Notes from Our Readers

    To the publisher:

    Congratulations on another great Strip! I love reading it and especially how Lawrenceville has changed since I was chair of the Lawrenceville Development Corporation so many years ago. What a difference from cleaning the Doughboy to today.

    David T. Dombrowiak

    To the publisher:

    Congratulations on producing an interesting publication. I haven’t been to the Strip and/or Lawrenceville for quite a while, but I spent almost as much time reading your spring issue as I did today’s Post-Gazette.

    Ed Wintermantel

    To the publisher:

    Since we first opened our location in the Strip District seven years ago, The Strip! magazine has helped our growth—and it’s been our pleasure to grow with you.

    Abdullah Salem
    Salem’s Market and Grill