Summer 2021|volume 14|Issue 4

    Meet: Mason A. Tupta

    Business Owner, Strip District Resident
    Mason A. Tupta

    Mason A. Tupta

    Mason A. Tupta, PT, DPT, CMTPT/DN
    Owner, Direct Physiotherapy, LLC
    300 Mt. Lebanon Blvd., Suite 209B, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
    412-207-7612 /

    You are a certified physical therapist, correct?

    Yes, I have a doctorate in physical therapy, a master’s in health science, and a bachelor’s in biology, all from Duquesne University. I am also licensed in dry needling and trigger-point manual therapy, with ongoing education in manual physical therapy. 

    Why did you decide to live in the Strip?

    The Strip is the best place to be in Pittsburgh. The area constantly grows and brings new business to the city. I love the culture and the uniqueness of all the shops, restaurants, and places to go. I’ve been a resident in the Strip for two years.

    Is it what you expected it to be?

    The Strip is everything I expected plus more. Anything you need is within walking distance. Other than driving to my practice, I would not have to use my car.

    What is the best thing about
    Strip living?    

    Waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and walking to the best coffee and breakfast spots in the city! The energy on those weekend mornings is unmatched by any other part of Pittsburgh, especially when the sun shines through.

    From a resident’s perspective,
    what would be a welcome addition
    to the Strip?  

    As a small-business owner myself, I believe any independently owned business would be welcome in the Strip. Any small business that adds to the culture, whether that be food or shopping, always enhances the area.

    Are you a Pittsburgher?   

    I am originally from Uniontown, PA. But I do call myself a Pittsburgher because I have been living here since 2009 as a graduate of Duquesne University.

    What is dry needling?   

    I am one of three physical therapists in the state of Pennsylvania who is certified in Dry Needling through MyoPain Seminars. Dry needling is a technique that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points in muscle. Dry needling improves pain, reduces muscle tension, and normalizes motor function of skeletal muscle.

    What is a trigger point?   

    A trigger point is a taught band in muscle tissue that can cause local and radiating pain. Taut bands cause pain from decreased blood flow and oxygen within the trigger point.

    What is the most common problem that requires your services?   

    I treat a wide range of problems in my clinic—everything from joint replacements, neurosurgeries, knee surgeries and replacements, athletic injuries, to everyday aches and pains in the spine, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet.

    Do you accept insurance?   

    Yes, I am in network with Medicare, Highmark BCBS, United, Cigna, Aetna, auto agencies, and workers comp. I also offer out-of-pocket specials for those out of network.

    Do you have high school athletes among your clients?   

    Yes, I treat many athletes including high school, collegiate, and professionals. A large portion of my patient population also includes middle-aged and older adults looking to regain function after surgery or to rid themselves of a multitude of common orthopedic problems.

    Thank you!