Summer 2017|volume 10|Issue 4

    MEET: Katie Richer

    Katie Richer

    Hair Stylist

    Hair By Design
    2503 Penn Avenue / 412-261-6629

    How long have you been at Hair By Design?

    I‘ve worked there for 15 years.

    What would you say is the latest trend in hairstyles?

    Balayage and Keratin treatments: hair straightening.

    How about some of your favorites: Movie? TV show? Vacation spot?

    For movies, I like Notting Hill and Hope Floats; on TV, Lucifer. Any beach will do for a vacation.

    People would be surprised to know what about you?

    I have never been on an airplane.

    As a youngster, you wanted to grow up to …

    Work at a Dairy Queen!

    What do you do for fun?

    Enjoy cocktails with friends.

    Do you have a favorite restaurant?

    Yes, the Melting Pot at Station Square.

    What would you say is the best thing about the Strip?

    The food, and specifically Pittsburgh Popcorn.

    Thank you!