Summer 18|volume 11|Issue 4

    MEET: Joanne Jeffers

    Joanne Jeffers

    Shop Manager

    Courtyard Winery
    108 19th Street / 412-408-3237

    How long have you been with

    Since May 2017.

    On average, how many different
    wines do you offer?   

    About 25.

    What is your best-selling wine?   

    Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Any amusing incidents at the store?  

    One evening while closing the store I had the water running to fill the sink for washing glasses. I started vacuuming and forgot about the running water. The sink overflowed, and yes, water was everywhere!

    People would be surprised to know that …     

    I used to be an actress, and I volunteered with an animal rescue that saved dogs from dog fighting. 

    When you were growing up what
    did you want to be?    

    A veterinarian.

    What do you do for fun?  

    Work out, focus on helping animals, and
    follow Penguins hockey!

    Can you name three famous people you admire?   

    I just admire good people! My grandmother, who is 100 years old, I admire a lot. Also military, firefighters, police, and animal-rescue organizations. 

    Where was the best restaurant meal you’ve ever had?   

    At Il Pizzaiolo.

    The Strip District needs …   

    A bagel shop.

    Thank you!