Fall 2023|volume 17|Issue 1

    From the Publisher

    As we begin our 17th year while hailing the 16th birthday of The Strip! there are no celebrations—just recognition of the swift passage of time. The world, our country, and the Strip District have greatly changed during the past 16 years. In those early days, the Strip was where Pittsburghers sometimes went on a Saturday afternoon to buy food staples and maybe have an ice cream cone at the now-gone Klavon’s old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Today, the Strip is a seven-days-a-week destination for not only Pittsburghers but for visitors from throughout the world.

    We have always tried to keep our readers abreast of the many changes that have taken place throughout the years, and this issue reflects some of those changes. Cioppino, one of the finest restaurants in the country, is the subject of Kristin Emery’s article. She introduces the founders of this very successful Strip landmark and key staff members who work hard to maintain its well-earned reputation.

    Cioppino’s nearby neighbor is the Wigle Whiskey distillery. Hilary Daninhirsch guides us along one of Wigle’s popular tours, showing off the distillery’s facilities, award-winning whiskeys, and many samplings. Continuing on with the subject of eating and fine living, Cynthia Weisfield, our culinary and travel contributor, visits Iceland and Norway—great places to escape to during the summer’s heat while savoring the culinary delights of “Northern” seafood. Eating of the sweeter variety is showcased by our editor, Greg Suriano, who has wandered around the outskirts of the city to experience—and now share—the atmospheres and wares of ten traditional bakeries.

    For our regular Who’s New in the Strip? department, Yvonne Hudson introduces two recently arrived neighbors, City Winery and Stacks Fitness; elsewhere she takes us bowling in Lawrenceville—to Arsenal Bowl, the historic, nationally known Lanes on Butler Street. And for the spooky side of Lawrenceville, Jude Wudarczyk recounts the horrible history of the many tragedies of Charlotte Street.

    See you in the neighborhoods!

    “People who love to eat, are always the best people” 

    —Julia Child