Summer 2021|volume 14|Issue 4

    From the Publisher

    Chuck Shane, Publisher

    As I write this, it looks like the current summer months are certainly going to be more enjoyable than those we experienced in 2020. The Strip and Lawrenceville have been busy throughout the spring, and building construction has remained strong. The ongoing popularity of our neighborhoods continues to attract a mix of retail establishments.

    For example, Hilary Daninhirsch recently met with the owners of several women’s couture shops to learn the fashion trends for the summer and fall seasons. Her update on women’s fashion represents entirely new—and very welcome—subject matter for this magazine.

    On a much different note, the growing worldwide popularity of outdoor murals prompted us to take a look at what’s going on locally. Cynthia Weisfield introduces us to the history of murals as we start what will be a series on local mural artists by featuring the work of Kyle Holbrook and Berry Breene. We think you’ll enjoy their subjects and appreciate the quality of their talent. In a similar vein—although an indoor one—editor Greg Suriano explores the many online ways art and history lovers can tour some of our cultural institutions, virtually.

    And, are you familiar with 43½ Street in Lawrenceville? Yes, there is such a street, and Lawrenceville historian Jude Wudarczyk relates its very interesting history, including some surprising sports connections.

    Of course there’s much more inside but I hope I’ve said enough to get you to move beyond this page.

    See you around the neighborhoods!


    “I wanted to give a woman comfortable clothes that would flow with her body.”

    —Coco Chanel