Spring 2020|volume 13|Issue 3

    From the Publisher

    Chuck Shane, Publisher

    As I write this, it is a February afternoon in Pittsburgh—and the outside temperature is hovering at 55. It looks like spring is coming early to our city, although we’ve hardly experienced winter. Unusual weather patterns lately, and my guess is there are more to come.

    Naples, Florida, a city that never experiences winter, is the subject of this issue’s “A Pittsburgher in the Sunshine State,” written by Donald Miller, art and architecture critic emeritus of the Post-Gazette. Mr. Miller gives us a glimpse of what life is like in Naples, his current residence. The article is a continuation of our series on life in other cities.

    At home, veteran reporter William McCloskey brings us up to date on the projects of Oxford Development in regard to their ongoing plans for developing the Strip District and Lawrenceville neighborhoods. A very ambitious effort, to say the least.

    Of course, when you bring people to live and work in an area, you need to have ways to get them in, out, and around. Jennifer Brozak reports on the Port Authority’s plans to enhance their “fast and frequent” service through the Strip and beyond.

    There always seems to be a market for items with ties to the Strip District, and Jennie Ingram is respecting that tradition by producing soy candles in innovative holders, including scenes of the Strip and Lawrenceville.

    The popular notion that true craftsmanship is disappearing or very expensive to purchase is disapproved by the talented efforts of Jonathan Moran, displayed in his woodworking shop in the Strip. Christopher Cussat introduces us to his work and his family. A very interesting read.
    Salem’s Market and Grill—the very popular market and restaurant in the Strip—has added commercial catering to its services. Yvonne Hudson met with Abdullah Salem to discuss this new business venture.

    Cioppino, a mainstay in the Strip for more than ten years, has a new chef; and Cynthia Weisfield, our knowledgeable writer of everything to do with food, discusses Chef Patrick Kaderka’s background, culinary philosophy, and deliciously innovative dishes.

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