Winter 2019-20|volume 13|Issue 2

    From the Publisher

    Chuck Shane, Publisher

    Doesn’t a year go by fast when you’re having fun?

    It’s been another positive 12 months for the Strip, Lawrenceville, and our magazine. New construction continues. New merchants have appeared. There’s the growing resident population. As always, we have greatly enjoyed publishing. As is our custom, in this issue we have attempted to cover a variety of subjects, and hopefully you will find all of it of interest.

    A profile of the financial services firm Dukovich & Associates by Dan Casciato reminds us that the successful group is headed by Lawrenceville native George Dukovich. George and his staff have built this firm the old-fashioned way—provide excellent service to your clients and they will provide more clients.

    Yvonne Hudson brings us up to date on the continuing activities of Carmen Gentile, a war veteran profiled in our 2018 fall issue, who has begun a far-reaching project addressing the attitudes/progress of the Rust Belt and related regions.

    Planning a party? Christopher Cussat takes us “Beyond the Strip”—well, not too far beyond—where you can party among the “memorabilia” of Pittsburgh hero of lore and legend Joe Magarac and shop for industrial-furniture-line pieces that reflect the evolution of our Steel City. And if you don’t know about Joe, this is the place to learn all about him while having fun.

    A parking lot is a parking lot, right? Not if it’s Jules Troiani’s. Read Beth Kunz’s profile of a parking lot operated with strict (and friendly) rules and regulations. You’ll want to park there on your next visit to the Strip. (Beth has also contributed a blurb about the new Strip business Beef Jerky Outlet for “What’s New”).

    In regard to the ongoing building construction, veteran journalist William McCloskey strolls through the neighborhoods and gives an update on what’s already out of the ground and a brief look at what’s to come, at least for now.

    Finally, photographer/journalist Denise Artman provides a wonderful human-interest profile about one of the Strip’s most fascinating and talented entrepreneurs. Step right up to get personalized poetry on demand from Haley Clancy!

    Of course, there’s the annual Gift Guide—why shop anywhere else?

    Happy holidays, and to all a good night.