Spring 2019|volume 12|Issue 3

    From the Publisher

    Chuck Shane, Publisher

    Spring! It probably won’t look like spring yet when you receive this issue but we know it’s coming, so get comfortable—maybe a little something to sip (while reading Max Miller’s very popular Raise Your Spirits column) and hopefully enjoy our efforts in the following pages.

    A profile of master architect Tasso Katselas by Donald Miller reminds us who is responsible for the design of our architectural treasures like the Pittsburgh International Airport and the Carnegie Science Center among others.

    As we are on the eve of another baseball season, we thought we’d update a Strip! classic of a decade ago, an article about Lawrenceville’s Sadowski brothers, all three with the athletic talent necessary to enjoy careers in the major leagues.

    On the gastronomic side, Cynthia Weisfield meets with Gaetano Ascione, the internationally recognized chef, who decided that Pittsburgh deserved an authentic French restaurant and established one in Dormont. He certainly adds a major accent to the city’s rapidly growing national reputation as the place to enjoy fine food.

    Francis Crisafio takes a nostalgic look at early Lawrenceville through his memories of those who frequented his family’s barber shop for more than 80 years; writer Aleita Hermanowski brings it all to life.

    Finally, there’s plenty of literary content to enjoy, including our Pittsburgh Poetry and Pittsburgh Books departments, and highlighted by Jude Wudarczyk’s survey of the authors of Lawrenceville.

    Hope you enjoy it!

    “Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!”

    —Robin Williams