Fall 18|volume 12|Issue 1

    From the Publisher

    Chuck Shane, Publisher

    Welcome. This issue includes an overview of current major construction in the neighborhoods. New structures to house apartments, condominiums, hotels, and offices are rising from former parking lots at a rapid rate. Nineteenth-century warehouses are being adaptively renovated to
    accommodate distilleries, beer companies, and other uses.

    Dan Casciato has spent the hot days of summer tracking down what is going up, who is putting it up, and for what future use. The beat goes on.
    The AC Hotel that recently “went up” is introduced by Chris Cussat and photographed by Greger Erickson.

    Even Smallman Street is being rebuilt thanks to the installation of new water and sewer lines by the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. Our editor, Greg Suriano, has gathered the latest information from the Authority—and the city’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure—to report on the street reconstruction schedule and parking situation.

    Yvonne Hudson introduces us to Carmen Gentile, a resident of Lawrenceville, who has just published a very interesting book. Carmen was an embedded journalist for CBS Radio and USA Today in Afghanistan when he was badly injured by a rocket. His book tells all about it.

    Our globetrotting food writer takes us to Amsterdam for classic Dutch treat, the rijstaffel dinner, and in nearby Bloomfield we rediscover Best-Made Shoes, where they actually make shoes.

    Hopefully, you will find something of interest in this issue. We are always open to article ideas—send them along.

    See you in the neighborhoods.

    “A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success!”

    —Doug Larson