Lot attendants—Jules Troiani, Sam Richter and Josh Troiani.

    Lot attendants—Jules Troiani, Sam Richter and Josh Troiani.

    Driving down Penn Avenue, through the heart of the Strip, your eyes may gaze upon the life-sized mural on the building in front of you. It’s the Strip Mural by Carley Parrish and Shannon Pultz. But it’s what lies under the mural that tells the best story of what goes on in the Strip. For below is a 35-space parking lot that truly embodies everything about the Strip.

    At the Twenty and Penn parking lot, Jules Troiani II and fellow attendants greet everyone with a smile and host an occasion like none other. It’s part of the guest experience for those who visit the Strip and its merchants.

    The attendants are a good crew of people. Several of them have been there for 30-plus years. They are caring—and like a family.

    Says Jules: “When people come to the Strip, they are excited to be there.  They want to jump out of their car and right onto Penn Avenue!” Jules and the other attendants at Twenty and Penn want to enhance their experience—and so they compiled the following list of their 10 Steps to Service.

    1. Clean Environment. The attendants keep the lot clean. They sweep the alley, street, and lot.

    2. Properly Dressed Attendants. All the attendants are properly dressed, including for the weather.

    3. Warm and Friendly Greeting. They greet you with a warm, friendly hello!

    4. Assist and Assess. “What are your plans for the day?” The attendants want to find out what your plans are so they may help you navigate and enjoy your visit.

    5. Place Vehicle Where Appropriate. This goes with the above assessment. If you’re only there for

    a quick stop, your vehicle will be placed in an appropriate spot for easy access.

    6. Manage Time. The attendants all wear earpieces so they can radio each other throughout the lot. This saves them—and you, their guest—time.

    7. Greet Upon Return. “Are you loading your car or leaving?” The attendants graciously help you with your packages at your car.

    8. Assist and Assess, Again.

    9. Provide a Reason to Return. This is the most important one. Your experience will help determine if you’ll return.

    10. Warm and Friendly Goodbye.

    “It’s a privilege we all have,” Jules says of the merchants in the Strip and the environment the Strip promotes. That’s just one of the many reasons Jules and the others provide one of the best guest experiences around.

    So, when you’re in the Strip, Twenty and Penn is not just a place to park—it’s the best place to park!

    Elizabeth A. Kunz is a freelance writer specializing in feature writing and fundraising development. She resides in Wexford with her husband, Dan, and two children, Thomas and Stella.
    Photography by Denise S. Artman